Southwest Disabilities Services and Supports offers the following services to its participants:




Six to eight clients live in each house.  In addition to dining and recreational areas, each client is assigned a comfortable, tastefully furnished bedroom.  Meals are prepared within requirements of each client.  Medical, dental and psychological services are provided also.


Our agency provides services and opportunities that promote independence in daily living, economic sufficiency and integration into the community.  Several activities are utilized to introduce and develop money management and social skills:


·        Shopping

·        Eating in Restaurants

·        Attending Bingo Games

·        Support Group Functions

·        Community Development Functions


Supervision and supportive services are person-centered.  Services may be provided continuously or intermittently.


Southwest Disabilities Services & Supports Inc. owns/lease and maintains 16 CILA residences and 1 Developmental Training site.


Illinois Department of Human Services

Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

CSAT-funded Pathways to Recovery Project Provider Profile




Recovery Support



Organization Name

Southwest Disabilities Services & Supports, NFP.

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SWDSS provides an array of services adults with developmental disabilities and alcohol addictions. We provide individuals with seperate residential quarters in our 8 room residential site for recovering alcoholics. Full living quarters provided in over 3000 square footage of living and space including activity rooms and common areas. See services provided listed below.

Facility Location

Level(s) of Care/Service Type(s)

Hours of Operation

220 W. 154th Street

Harvey, Illinois 60426

Counseling Services

Couples, Family and Marital Counseling

Education Services (GED)

Life Skills

Pastoral Counseling

Peer Coaching and Mentoring

Recovery Coaching


Vocational Training

Drug free or transitional housing

10 a.m - 4 p.m Mon - Sat

Contact Person/Telephone - Enrollment

Angelin Morrison, RN @ 708.753-1670